Black anodized extruded aluminum LED heatsink

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The black anodized extruded aluminum LED heat sink offers several advantages. Its efficient heat dissipation capabilities ensure optimal performance and prevent overheating. The sleek and stylish design adds a touch of elegance to any lighting setup. The corrosion resistance properties enhance durability, while the ease of installation and versatility make it a convenient choice for various LED strip applications.

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1.Efficient heat dissipation:
The black anodized extruded aluminum LED heat sink excels in heat dissipation. The anodized surface enhances thermal conductivity, allowing the heat sink to quickly dissipate heat generated by the LED strip. This ensures that the LED chips remain at a safe operating temperature, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance.

2.Sleek and stylish design:
The black anodized finish lends a sleek and polished appearance to the LED heat sink. This aesthetic attribute makes it an ideal choice for applications where design and visual appeal are important. Its low-profile design also allows for seamless integration into various lighting fixtures or configurations.

3.Corrosion resistance:
Anodized aluminum possesses excellent corrosion resistance properties, making the LED heat sink highly durable and resistant to environmental factors like moisture, humidity, and exposure to different climates. This ensures that the heat sink remains in optimal condition for an extended period, even in challenging environments.

4.Easy installation and versatility:
The extruded aluminum construction of the LED heat sink provides exceptional versatility. It can be easily cut, shaped, or modified to fit different LED strip layouts or configurations. Additionally, it allows for hassle-free installation, with various mounting options available, such as screws, brackets, or adhesive tape.

Product Parameter

Surface Treatment (Black) anodized Pitch  7.25 mm
Shape Custom Fins Thickness  1.5 mm
Body Material  Aluminum Alloy Baseplate Thickness  7.62 mm
Type  Heat Sinks Weight  7.2 kgs/m
Lighting solutions service auto CAD layout Certification  RoHS
Product Weight(kg) 2.3 IP Rating  IP55
Process Extruding+CNC Body Color  black
Lead time:The amount of time from order placement to dispatch Quantity (pieces) 1-10 11 - 5000  > 5000
Lead time (days) 15 30 To be negotiated

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