Anodized CNC Aluminum Heat Sink

adjustable ipad stand, tablet stand holders。

The anodized CNC aluminum heat sink radiator offers numerous advantages from multiple aspects, including its excellent heat dissipation capabilities and durability.

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1.Efficient Thermal Management:
The heat sink radiator is engineered with superior thermal conductivity properties which efficiently dissipate heat generated by electronic components. The CNC aluminum construction facilitates rapid heat transfer and promotes effective cooling, preventing overheating issues.

2.Enhanced Durability:
The anodic oxidation process provides a protective layer on the surface of the heat sink radiator, making it highly resistant to corrosion, moisture, and wear and tear. This ensures a prolonged lifespan, even in harsh operating conditions.

3.Precise CNC Machining:
The heat sink radiator is manufactured using precise CNC machining techniques, enabling accurate and complex designs. This precision allows for optimized thermal performance and compatibility with a wide range of electronic devices, ensuring efficient heat dissipation.

4.Lightweight and Versatile Design:
Despite its robust construction, the CNC aluminum heat sink radiator maintains a lightweight profile, making it highly versatile. It can be easily integrated into various electronic systems and devices, without adding excessive weight or bulk.

In summary, the anodized CNC aluminum heat sink radiator delivers exceptional heat dissipation capabilities and durability. Its efficient thermal management, enhanced durability due to anodized coating, precise CNC machining, and lightweight and versatile design make it a reliable choice for applications that require effective cooling of electronic components.

Product Parameter

Tolerance  ±1% Process Extrusion, Machining, Surface treatment
Delivery Time  22-30 days Temper  T3-T8
Temper  T3-T8 Color Natural,Silver,White,Bronze,Black tc
Application  Industry, Door & Window, Heat sink, Decorations Surface Treatment Anodized,Powder Coating,Sandblasting,Wood Grain,Polishing,etc
Shape  Round, Square, Angle, T - Profile, Flat Machining Tolerance +-0.02mm
Alloy Or Not  Is Alloy Application  Industry
Processing Service Bending, Welding, Punching, Cutting Material 6061 6063 6082 7075 etc
Shape Flat, Round, Square, T, customized Deep process  CNC milling machining
Lead time:The amount of time from order placement to dispatch Quantity (pieces) 1 - 3000 > 3000
Lead time (days) 20 30

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