D-74 heatsink heat sink with DIN Rail Mounting Base

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The heat sink radiator with a DIN rail mounting base excels in providing convenient installation, efficient heat dissipation, space-saving design, and customizable options. These features make it an ideal choice for industrial control panels and equipment cabinets, ensuring reliable and efficient thermal management in various applications.

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1、DIN Rail Mounting Capability:
This heat sink radiator is designed with a built-in DIN rail mounting base, allowing for easy installation and integration into industrial control panels and equipment cabinets without the need for additional brackets or accessories. The DIN rail mounting capability ensures secure and stable positioning, reducing installation time and effort.

2、Efficient Heat Dissipation:
With a well-engineered design, this heat sink radiator effectively dissipates heat generated by electronic components. It features a high thermal conductivity material and a large surface area with optimized fin patterns, enabling efficient heat transfer and reducing the risk of overheating, thereby improving the overall thermal performance of the system.

3、Space-saving Design:
The heat sink radiator is ergonomically designed to occupy minimal space within the control panel or equipment cabinet. Its compact form factor ensures efficient utilization of available space, allowing for more efficient installation and optimization of the overall system layout.

4、Customizability and Versatility:
The heat sink radiator offers customization options to cater to specific requirements of different applications. It is available in various sizes, shapes, and configurations to meet diverse installation needs. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated with other components within the system, allowing for versatile and flexible design options.

Product Parameter

Tolerance  ±1% Certification  ISO9001:2008
Temper  O-H112 Length  74x48x50mm
Application  Heat Sink weight  280g
Shape Square Material  Aluminum Alloy
Alloy Or Not  Is Alloy Name  Solid State Relay heatsink
Model Number  D-74 Color  White
Lead time:The amount of time from order placement to dispatch Quantity (pieces) 1 - 1000 > 1000
Lead time (days) 7 To be negotiated

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